Game of Drones


When you play the Game of Drones, there are only two options. You dance, or you die.

Imminent Starvation – Tentack one
V2A – Fade to grey
The Soft Moon – Desertion
Näo – Transfiguratio
VNV Nation – Structure
Tzolk’in – Tlazolteotl
Sabes – Melophobia
Mogwai – Ratts of the capital
Niveau Zero – Jasmine
Pow[d]er Pussy – Allsystemsgo
Matta – Mass
Cacophoneuses – Dirty girls like dirty beats
Detritus – Left behind
Hologram – Holy haunted box
Nin Kuji – Daichi no musuko/Atatori musuko
65daysofstatic – Unmake the wild light
Combichrist – Another corpse under my bed
Cruise [CTRL] – Where is Alice? Alice who?
Näo – Out of the sky
Balkansky/Loop Stepwalker – Spot the light
Config.sys – Funk’s not dead
Fuck Buttons – Sweet love for planet earth
ASP – Hymn
The Soft Moon – Black
This Morn’ Omina – The penultimate truth
Nine Inch Nails – Beside you in time
Dulce Liquido – Mental torture
Klinik – Cats eyes
Caspian – Ghosts of the garden city
Iszoloscope – Spontaneous cognitive combustion (remix by Asche)
Tzolk’in – Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli
Hybrids – Crocc
In Slaughter Natives – Media
MS Gentur – Nataraja
Näo – Artikkeli
Dive – Nobody else
Sonar – Tafoukt
Empusae – The hatred of trees
Caspian – Crawlspace
Frames A Second – Legend
The Soft Moon – When it’s over
Klangstabil – Vertraut
Geneviève Pasquier – Mon cabaret
Explosions in the Sky – With tired eyes, with tired minds
Maybeshewill – Accept and embrace
God is an Astronaut – Snowfall
Iliketrains – Mnemosyne
Giana Factory – Dirty snow (Trentemoller remix)
The Sister of Mercy – Afterhours
Monolith – Rotated
Orphx – Nullity v2.3
God is an Astronaut – Transmissions
Näo – Imago
Steak Number Eight – The sea is dying
Sephiroth – Wolftribes
Asche – Distorted DJ pt. 4
Philipp Munch – Structure
Matta – Sura