Next dark underground party: a Breaking Barriers Party

For the fall edition we team up with the Breaking Barriers Festival, celebrating 40 years of punk and beyond. The night before the festival – November 10th – there will be all kinds of festivities in and around Leuven, including a Bunkerleute party pure sang.

On a fucking Thursday? I hear you, but Friday is an official holiday, celebrating the end of the first world war so under normal circumstances you shouldn’t go to work or school

Will Bunkerleute be a punk party all of the sudden? Hell no ; ) Goth has always been Punk’s little sister but it’s not because our big brother is turning 40 that we are giving him the room. We are throwing him a party the way we want to.

But we are family so we will show off our nicest side for this birthday. We will be who we always are, a mix of a thousand genres, old, forgotten, new and underestimated. But always brooding, dark and melancholic. We will dance the night away like never before.

The masters of ceremony for the night:

DJ Polina Y
We are so proud to announce Polina Y as a guest dj at Bunkerleute. She is mixed up in so many interesting things we have no idea where to start. The brilliant radio show Mutant Transmissions Radio is hers, she is the driving force behind the legendary Drop Dead Festival and she dj’ed countless times at the Gothic Pogo Festival in Leipzig. She’ll be playing a set of post punk / elektro punk.

DJ The Darker Angel
Giving you a taste of gothic, wave, industrial, elektro, etc. The mix that made Bunkerleute what it is today in its 17th year of existence.

DJ CatacombKitten
We’ve given up in trying to describe her, we have suffered enough. ENOUGHHHH

Special action: You get free entrance to our party if 1) you have bought a valid Breaking Barriers festival ticket AND 2) you show this ticket to our staff at the entrance for a validity check. The usual democratic sacrifice applies (see below) in ALL other cases. Please note the AND. We can unfortunately not accept excuses like I forgot my ticket at home, I lost it, I will buy one tomorrow, …

Bunkerleute supports and is supported by Maaikes Skin Art.

>> Dark underground party

>> 10.11.16

>> Blauwe Kater, Leuven, Belgium

>> sacrifice 3,5€ before 23h, 6€ after 23h