next party: 8 February 2020


This is it people; Bunkerleute has aged for twenty years and that means a big celebration with lots and lots more of what you have been used to for the past 20 solar rotations: room to dance, awesome dj’s, drinks, friends, atmosphere, the music your heart deserves and something else entirely from what this city is accustomed to. Hold on to your coffins as we gradually give you more information on this icy crown of a party.

Noone who visited the first party in February 2000 would have thought this madness would still be ongoing in 2020 but here we are. Make sure to come over and raise a glass (which we will provide) to our shared past, be it if you were there at the very beginning, or joined us more recently.

For the occasion we open a second dance floor. And.. we have invited 4 guest dj’s from all corners of this ungoverned kingdom: The Black Wave, Mat Zwart, Drexl & Orphea will join our two residents The Darker Angel & CatacombKitten.

The party starts at 22h. It never ends before 5 o’clock. That is a guarantee. In spite of the name, the venue is not a café but a well-equipped club with a sound & light system worthy of your music.

Bunkerleute calls itself an underground party for a reason. First of all because of the music we play but secondly because of the unique atmosphere at our parties, centering on mutual respect, tolerance, personal space, judgement free etc. If at any time you feel this is not the case, come and talk to us. We are a welcoming party though, if you have any questions, just ask us. We do these parties since AD 2000, it’s definitely not just a phase. Every cent we receive during parties will be invested in concerts. More on that subject very soon.

Bunkerleute supports and is supported by Maaikes Skin Art.

>> Dark underground party

>> 8 February 2020 – 22h

>> musicafe, Muntstraat 5, Leuven, Belgium

>> sacrifice 3,5€ before 23h, 6€ between 23h and 2h and 3€ after 2h