Bunkerleute presents: top 100 – 11 March 2017

YES it’s 2014 since we last did a top 100, unbelievable isn’t it? Remember what the world looked in 2014? Neither can we. The time is upon us to hunt down the DJ’s, stop their baby-eating reign of terror, chain them, put them in a cage and tell them what to do. If you’ve been here and done all of this before, you know how to proceed.

What music to expect? We can’t and won’t answer that, you’re the master of ceremony for the night. And you can choose anything really, just tell us which songs you believe are the very best the scene has to offer, in its most wide and diverse incarnation. Try to imagine that incarnation now. No not like that, wider. Wider… Stop, that’s it. Exactly that, good imagination job, really nice.

Repeat this recipe until you have compiled a list of songs.

Now listen to your heart and don’t think too hard about it, cutting the list down to minimum 3 and maximum 10 songs. Finally put them into some kind of order, in order of darkness, sadness, floor fill factor, anything that suits you. Be aware that the order matters: the first song weighs more heavily than the last song, we’ve known that since 2006, even if the details of the what and how are a well kept secret, known to the single survivor of that night, but we prefer not to talk about that.

Finally submit the result: http://bunkerleute.be/top-100/

Need inspiration? We have digitally archived the last 5 editions. The ones before that are stored in the cellars of Bunkerleute HQ, on paper and ever since that ‘accident’ in 2006 with you know who and seen it still wants revenge and has probably spawned offspring by now because we can hear it grawl and scream and cry at night, we don’t go there anymore.

top 100 – 2014
top 100 – 2013
top 100 – 2011
top 100 – 2010
top 100 – 2009

Attention! The party starts at 21h – one hour sooner than usual, yes we also dislike how sometimes things are not like all of the other things – because we have _so_ many songs to play and we try not to skip that brilliant intro you like so much, or that part at the end we all adore. More party! Although we still wonder ‘What is time? Does it really exist?’ Parties last as long as they have to but never ever ever never before 5am, unless you die at the party. Please don’t die at the party.

Sacrificial gifts to the Gods Of Entrance are 3,5 € before 23h and 6 € after 23h; Gods grow more hungry during the night, remember that when you think ‘Gods don’t eat me, why would a god come up to me and eat me, nah what a silly idea’. Ingestible fluids are at below average prices. If Bunkerleute ever makes a profit, every single euro is put into concerts, more on that later. Seriously, we are in the thinking-about-it stage.

Bunkerleute supports and is supported by Maaikes Skin Art.

>> Dark underground party

>> 11 March 2017

>> Blauwe Kater, Leuven, Belgium

>> sacrifice 3,5€ before 23h, 6€ after 23h