next party: 1 december 2018


It’s the season where everything grows darker, colder and nature slowly dies and slumbers. The perfect time to deviate from our one-party-per-season-habit. We already had one on September 22nd and we’ll have another on the first of December. Because surrounded by death and decay, it’s easier to feel alive.

The goth scene has been called dead probably two nights after it was born, but judging from the recent parties and this summers’ festivals we can only conclude it’s undead undead undead. Bunkerleute never was and never will be a monument to nostalgia, getting stuck in some idealized sense of what the scene never was; rather it evolves, or better still we just do what we want and like.

Bringing you the music that comforts your demons, resonates with your angst, transcends the mundane and expected, energizes your body and lifts the heavy burden of your soul, just for a few hours. We promise you the best, newest and most interesting gothic, industrial, wave, electro and neofolk.

Our resident dj’s CatacombKitten and The Darker Angel have personally sold their souls to whatever it is people sell their souls to these days to infuse their playlist with enough power to make a small country dance until it gets invaded by its neighbours because of all the noise, but they will concentrate all that power into just one club: the Musicafé which we can call home by now. And that was one sentence.

Musicafé is not a café, but a well-equipped club with a sound system worthy of our music. Drinks are at reasonable prices. Bunkerleute calls itself an underground party for a reason. First of all because of the music we play but secondly because of the unique atmosphere at our parties, centering on mutual respect, tolerance, personal space, judgement free etc. We are a welcoming party though, if you have any questions, just ask us. We do these parties since AD 2000.

Bunkerleute supports and is supported by Maaikes Skin Art.

>> Dark underground party

>> 1 December 2018 – 22h

>> musicafe, Muntstraat 5, Leuven, Belgium

>> sacrifice 3,5€ before 23h, 6€ between 23h and 2h and 3€ after 2h