next party: 22 september 2018

As I walk through the streets I see a girl scrolling through her instagram, looking at perfect people and their perfect lives. She sees her reflection in a shop window and says ‘God, I’m so ugly’. I don’t think she realizes she’s talking out loud. I wait for the bus to come and I read an article about a man’s sister who worked in a factory of an Apple subcontractor until the pain in her arms due to continued exposure to acids, the inhumane pressure and social isolation because of that, made her kill herself at age 29. Everyone around me is staring at their little screen. I wonder how much of what I am wearing and carrying is made in the same way. The bus is filled with people with their monday faces on. My Turkish neighbour sits down right next to an old lady. The old lady gets up and goes standing a little bit further, looking angry at him. It’s 7h30 and people are already sweating; it has rained ten minutes in over nine weeks now, in what used to be the wettest season. An advertisement assures me I’m doing a good thing by using public transportation, another one is trying to sell me a triple burger. The world is coming to an end and I’m late for work.

I need a party. A damn good one. One as dark as our future and with extra drinks.

Our resident dj’s, while in this dimension called The Darker Angel and CatacombKitten, will provide you with a truckload of the latest and freshest releases in the dark genres, some classics just for fun and some absolute jewels, metaphorically that is. If you want real jewelry, I have some names. The genres are only limited by the imagination of our dj’s – fathomless – but I’ve heard people who know what they are talking about use words like Gothic, Electro, Neofolk, Industrial and Wave. Yes, I can hear capitalization. I’m special.

The party starts at 22h. It never ends before 5 o’clock. Sacrifice is 3,5€ < 23h < 6€ < 02h < 3€. Cheaper option is standing open-mouthed in the rain. Also, nobody notices you crying in the rain; double win. In spite of the name, the venue is not a café but a well-equipped club with a sound system worthy of our music. Drinks are at reasonable prices.

Bunkerleute calls itself an underground party for a reason. First of all because of the music we play but secondly because of the unique atmosphere at our parties, centering on mutual respect, tolerance, personal space, judgement free etc. We are a welcoming party though, if you have any questions, just ask us. We do these parties since AD 2000, it’s not just a phase.

Bunkerleute supports and is supported by Maaikes Skin Art.

>> Dark underground party

>> 22 September 2018 – 22h

>> musicafe, Muntstraat 5, Leuven, Belgium

>> sacrifice 3,5€ before 23h, 6€ between 23h and 2h and 3€ after 2h