Dark underground party – 16 October 2021

20 months without a single party. Well that was unpleasant. We have been stuck in this bunker, only making occasional raiding sorties to scavenge new music. But the time has come to say goodbye to dancing all alone in your living room; now comes the time to dance alone on a crowded dancefloor. If you are afraid your body has forgotten how to dance or do the social interaction thing, sure, be afraid, we are as well. So be patient with one another, the important things is that we try, and live a bit again.

Our resident dj’s have been unfrozen from their cryonic vats and are aggressively trying to pump up the beat. I say we let them. Large amounts of gothic, industrial, wave and elektro have been accumulating in their collections, ready to burst out and give your ears the soothing joy of music once more. You won’t be able to resist dancing. Literally, we have spells for that.

The party starts at 22h. It never ends before 5 o’clock. That is a guarantee. In spite of the name, the venue is not a café but a well-equipped club with a sound & light system worthy of your music.

Bunkerleute calls itself an underground party for a reason. First of all because of the music we play but secondly because of the unique atmosphere at our parties, centering on mutual respect, tolerance, personal space, judgement free etc. If at any time you feel this is not the case, come and talk to us. We are a welcoming party though, if you have any questions, just ask us. We do these parties since AD 2000, it’s definitely not just a phase. Every cent we receive during parties will be invested in concerts. More on that subject very soon.

Bunkerleute supports and is supported by Maaikes Skin Art.

>> Dark underground party

>> 16 October 2021 – 22h

>> musicafe, Muntstraat 5, Leuven, Belgium

>> sacrifice 3,5€ before 23h, 6€ between 23h and 2h and 3€ after 2h



Is this party legal? – Yes

Do I need a covid-safe ticket? – Yes, because it’s a club. In combination with a valid ID (identity card or passport) No tests will be available at the event itself

Do I have to wear a facemask? – Only If you want to

Can I come when I have symptoms related to Covid-19? – No, you absolutely can’t. Get well soon and we see you at the next party

Can I come if I came into contact with an infected person anywhere in the last two weeks? – No, of course not. Thoughts and prayers but you’ll have to sit this one out

Is this for real? – Yes

Do I have to socially distance? – Goths have been socially distancing since the birth of time, but strictly speaking: no

How am I supposed to be social after almost two years of isolation? – You are not, just like the rest of us, it’ll be awkward and that’s just fine

What if my dancing is off because I forgot how my flesh prison operates? – Nobody will care

Is this actually happening or have I died and gone to the other place? – According to most definitions of what is real and what is not, all borders between the other place and the waking world have faded. We have lived in hell since 2016, conformists are just somehow coping with this

I would like to party again. – That’s not a question.