We have a new location! It is not very far from the two previous venues, and is located in the historical city centre of Leuven: Musicafé, muntstraat 5, B-3000 Leuven. Contrary to what the name suggests it is not a café! Musicafé is a well equiped club, the quality of the sound and light installation is amazing, there is a nice big dance floor, little cozy corners and an antechamber so you don’t need to go outside to chitchat.

By car: We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Leuven has implemented a new master plan to organise the traffic within the city. Visitors coming by car are strongly advised to check their itinerary. It is also recommended to choose a public parking lot, as there are almost no regular parking spots in the streets of the city center. Bunkerleute recommends following options:

  • nearby: QParking Heilig Hart via Naamsestraat. Unsure whether it's still as cheap as it used to be
  • free after 9pm: Sint-Jacobsplein - via Tervuursestraat or Kapucijnenvoer
  • budget friendly: front parking of the railway station - ring road. Cheap and includes a free bus ticket. The free night bus takes you back around 1.30 and 2.30 or just go by foot. It will take you around 15 minutes.
  • The back parking of the railway station is not too expensive neither, again a free bus ticket is included.

Night bus: Leuven has a couple of night buses, unfortunately they do not run to Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Liège, Hasselt or where ever it is that all of you nice folks live when you're trying to fit into the normal world. The night bus however is a great option for people staying in the wide area around Leuven. The last series of buses normally leave around 2.30am in all directions on Fridays and Saturdays. Obviously the time tables can change. So it is advised to check for yourself on the website of the bus company: De Lijn. Contact us if you need a hand.

By space craft: we have to follow a strict no comment policy

Suggestion to visit Leuven: Musicafé is located in the historical centre of Leuven. Why not come early and foresee a couple of hours to walk around in cosy Leuven and admire some of its beautiful historical buildings. The gothic town hall at Grote Markt square is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgium and is only 100 metres away from Blauwe Kater. Leuven at night is especially recommended: the atmosphere is extra cosy and all buildings are nicely lit. You can also hang out in one of the many bars at the infamous Oude Markt square. Or you could decide to have a dinner before the party kicks off in one of Leuven's many restaurants. You can find a nice main course for around 10 euros. And you can find excellent main courses if you are willing to spend 15-20 euros.